Ayurvedic Herbs

List of all herbs and their properties

Parijataka Herb

large shrub or small tree grows more than 15ft. in height. Bark – Grey or Greenish white, rough bark. Branches – Quadrangular strigose. Leaves – Simple, opposite, ovate, actue or acuminate, scabrous above with short bulbos hairs, densely pubescent beneath with appressed hairs, main nerves are few. Flowers – small, white with bright orange corolla tubes, 3 to 7 in each head. Fruits – Capsules, compressed, separating into two one-seeded segments.

Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa- Tikta

Vipak- Katu

Virya- Ushna

Guna-Laghu, Ruksha


Specific Parts :

            Leaves, Flowers and Seed.

Doshaghnata :

Kapha- Vatashamak, Pittashodhana.

Benefits :

  • Parijatak leaves juice or swaras is given in cases of constipation, intestinal worms, hepatomegaly and piles. Dose – 10-15 ml.
  • Dried leaves powder or bark of Parijatakwith betel leaf juice is given in asthma and cough. dose -2-3 g.
  • In eczema and ringworm infestation,the paste of bark or leaf is applied on affected part.
  • The flowers are used to prepare perfumes and scents after distillation.
  • The paste of the seeds is applied over the area affected with alopecia.
  • The juice of fresh leaves of Parijataka is used in a dose of 5-10ml to treat sciatica.
  • In case of snake poisoning ,leaves juice of Parijataka is administrated.


Leaf juice or swaras is deepaniya,anulomanak,pittasarak and krimighna in nature hence used inraktadushti, agnimandya, vibandha, yakridvikars, Pittavikaras, arsha and krimi

Being kaphaghna its leaf or tvagchoorna should be given with patrasvarsa in kasa-shvasa.

It is mootrala hence also useful in mootrakrichchhra .

In kushtha and jvara.In sarpavishabadha; parnasvarasa in gridhrasi being vedanasthapana and also as Vatavahinibalya.

Prameha (Diabetes)

Decoction of Parijata (Nyctanthesarbortistis) leaves are given as a specific remedy by susruta-carya in the treatment of udakmeha.

Gridhrasi (Sciatica)

Parijata (Nyctanthesarbortristis) leaves decoction prepared on mild fire can alleviate Gridhrasi (Sciatica).

Treatment for Slip Disc-

Take about a kilogram of Parijatak ,stem,leaves nd all.Wash them .Place them in a pan .Pour at least 3 lit of water .Bring it to boil.Lower heat .Simmer for half an hour.Cool.store

Drink one cup ,twice a day .The morning cup should be on an empty stomach


Parijatak eaves posses anti inflammatory properties.Daily intake of Parijatak leaves in a dose of 2tsf is advisiable in inflammartion.

Cough –

Juice of fresh p[arijatak leaves with honey is advisiable in a dose of 2tsf ,thrice a day in the treatment of cough.


Paste is prepared with Parijatak seed powder and water .This is applied over the infected gums.


Paste is prepared with Parijatak leaves.This paste is applied on the affected part .

Dengue Fever-

Macerate some leaves of Parijatak.Grind some black pepper,boil this with 3 glass of water reduced till half .Take this solution after cooling .Take this solution sip by sip for next 12 hours.


Take small piece of each Parijakak stem bark and Areca Nut.Wrap  them with Parijatak leaves,and chew this.


Take 2 grams of each Parijatak stem bark,Pippali and Adraak,boil them in a glass of water on low flame.Take this solution 2-3 days


Decoction preapared with Parijatak leaves,guduchi ,patol and shunthi is used.


For treatment of Nipah Virus-

Decoction of parijatak leaves is used to treat the Nipah Virus infection.But complete cure just with it cannot be guaranteed.


Formulation (Kalp):

Name                                      Indication

Parijatakwatha                        Gridhrasi

Nastapuspantaka rasa            Nastartava, Yonisula

Sankhapuspitaila                     Balaroga

Manasmitra Vatakam            Manasvikara

Bala Tail                                         Vatavikara

Ashwagandharishta                General debility


Dosage :

Kwatha (Decoction) – 50 to 100 ml.

Swarasa (Juice) – 10 to 20 ml.

Choorna (Powder) – 1 to 3 gm.